Love birds & edible flowers wedding cake.

edible flowers wedding cake.

Beautiful flowers.

This wedding cake was a great pleasure to make. It was for a large wedding so in addition to the tiered lemon cake covered with Italian meringue buttercream there were three, 10″ square cakes in lavender and chocolate for cutting that weren’t on display. The wedding was at the Honourable artillery company near Old Street in London which is a stunning venue.

There is a wonderful post on the fantastic Jewish wedding blog Smashing the Glass written by the bride with all the details of the wedding and the effort and care that went into the planning. The video at the end is especially wonderful! Read it here. There are some professional photos of the cake too which are rather lovely!

wedding cake with edible flowers.


The beautiful roses were supplied (along with some flower wrapping and arranging expertise) by Kenza of Peppermint Poppy who did the wonderful flowers for the day, the additional flowers were edible and came from Greens of Devon. The birds were bright and sweet and finished off the very natural cake perfectly.

natural buttercream wedding cake London.

Tiered wedding cake.

Mini naked cake.

Any thoughts on whether it is better with or without icing sugar? I can’t decide. I love the natural look of this cake but after years of trying to get the icing on cakes perfectly smooth I have to hold back and force myself not to keep going with the palette knife when working in this style. It looks like it is made to be eaten though, and a perfect cake for a June wedding!

It has been a good year for raspberries so far – the fruit and flowers are all from my garden. The advantage of raspberries is that I can save a few of them for the rest of us from my three year old who adores them – they are too high for him to reach. The chives, radishes and strawberries don’t fare so well! I love to see him eating food straight from the garden and identifying herbs and various plants by sight and smell. This would make a lovely birthday cake too – and forgiving enough with its natural style to be attempted by any enthusiastic baker who can make a Victoria sponge but hesitates with a piping bag!

Naked cake with fruit.

Strawberries, raspberries and lavender.


Wedding mini cake.

Perfect summer cake!

Wedding cupcakes.

Cupcakes and wedding top cake with sprinkles and flowers.

Top cake with sprinkles.

A fantastic wedding order with lots of different flavours and bright colours; swirls , sprinkles and flowers on the cupcakes and top cake.

Bright wedding chocolate cakes.

Chocolate wedding cupcakes.


Wedding cupcakes.

Buttercream and sprinkles!


Sprinkles cupcakes.

Bright wedding cupcakes.

Wedding Cake.

Art deco inspired wedding cake.

Wedding cake with ribbon.



Art deco wedding cake square.

Wedding cake with roses and brown ribbon.


Wedding cake from the weekend. Chocolate, vanilla and lemon layers covered with ivory sugar paste and decorated with brown ribbon and red roses.

Wedding cupcakes with walnuts and maple sugar cream cheese frosting.

Some of the cakes for this order were made with only maple sugar for a bride who does not eat processed sugar. It was a delicious, if expensive product with a really mellow, lovely flavour. Cupcakes were carrot cake and raspberry coconut cake decorated with chopped walnuts and toasted coconut flakes.

carrot wedding cake/cupcakes

carrot wedding cake/cupcakes

carrot wedding cake/cupcakes

My wedding cake (and a wedding picture)!

I have not been baking or blogging the past few weeks as I was getting married and took some time off with so many friends and family in London for the celebrations. This is my wedding cake, decorated simply with fresh peonies – because it is not so easy to get one’s own wedding cake made and 130 hand decorated biscuits finished before the wedding as I discovered! The small shoe on top was on my great grandparents wedding cake 85 years ago, complete with glue where it has been stuck back together at some point! Photos by our good and very talented friend, Rob Ruttenberg.




Wedding cake and Spiderman.

From floral stacked wedding cakes to action heroes…never dull in the cake world! The Spiderman on the birthday cake is made from royal icing as are the flowers on the wedding cake..

wedding cake and Spiderman

Tiered wedding cake.

Wedding cake and Spiderman cake.

Wedding cake with flowers

And here he is:

Spiderman birthday cake.

Spiderman cake.