Margot Bakery.


When I started the lavender bakery in 2008, the plan was to move into a retail bakery at some stage. Two children later and the moment has arrived; I hope it will be all the better for what I have learned in the interim from baking cakes for so many celebrations. Some of my customers have been with me from the beginning and I hope to continue to bake birthday cakes and wedding cakes as well as bread and other wonderful things for you all. Thank you to all the customers who have made the Lavender bakery a success and a pleasure. I hope you will enjoy Margot Bakery just as much if not more – you can come and have a coffee, buy some bread or babka and order cakes to be delivered throughout London as before.


The bakery is in East Finchley, N2 in the old post office. There will be a small seating area and a view through to the ovens. The plan is to bake delicious, nutritious and well fermented bread daily in the bakery and to offer the opportunity to come and learn to bake or just have a chat about bread and good food and the local community with the staff.


I felt that a new bakery needed a new name; Margot is named for my Grandmother and my husband’s Grandmother and is inspired by beautiful French patisserie.


Please come and visit, I look forward to the chance to meet some customers in person for the first time and I’m so excited to have the space to welcome you and bake for you.




Margot Bakery opening early 2016

121 East End Road

East Finchley

N2 0SZ