Joint First Birthday Cake (for eight!)

1st birthday cake rainbow colours.

Eight names!


This was a lovely order; bright colours and a simple, joyful design for a group of babies celebrating their first birthdays at one (I imagine quite chaotic!) party. Salted caramel cake with salted caramel filling and buttercream and all eight names piped around the top of the cake. I was pleased it was an even number of names as spacing is always tricky for decoration like this on a round cake – being able to divide the cake into eight even segments helped very much! The dots are simple and effective in rainbow colours and the result is a happy, fun cake!



first birthday cake joint party.

Bright birthday cake.

Raspberry birthday cake.

Raspberry and vanilla birthday cake.

Birthday cake.


A simple and pretty birthday cake for a special birthday (no number included in the inscription though!). It works really well to have all the family names around the edge, it can look a bit cluttered to list them in the center of the cake. It is important to space it so one doesn’t run out of room with names still to go! Raspberry sponge with raspberry syrup and covered with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.