Charlie and the Chocolate Factory birthday cake.

I was pleased to make this Charlie and the Chocolate factory cake for two reasons. The first being that I have been making cakes for Amara and her family since she was a baby and I can’t believe she is 6 and old enough to enjoy the delights of Charlie and the Chocolate factory! The second is that I’m a fan myself; I remember having it read to me at school when I was about the same age (and reading it myself numerous times since then) and adoring everything about it – I can’t wait to read it to my boys.

The Golden ticket on the cake is edible – it is made with royal icing and painted with edible gold paint. I don’t buy Smarties (Nestlé is evil) so these sweets came from M & S and actually I prefer them – the muted colours were pretty without being too bright and flourescent! It is a chocolate cake covered in vanilla Italian meringue buttercream and the matching mini cupcakes were vanilla with swirls and not-Smarties!


Sweets on birthday cake

6th Birthday cake


charlie and the chocolate factory cake, sweets and golden ticket

Golden ticket cake!


lavender bakery cupcakes

Mini cupcakes with sweets and swirls.

Sleeping Beauty Cake and mini cupcakes.

Birthday cake.

4th birthday cake for Magdalena.


This birthday cake was inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty; the vines with flowers representing the forest that covered the sleeping princess! The birthday girl asked for a pink number 4 that she could eat and I worked that into the design for the cake. I love trying to find a way to express a theme or idea in a more understated way that best utilises the royal icing as a decorating medium. Disney style princesses can be extraordinarily hard to replicate in royal icing and I think this is a great alternative; it looks pretty and satisfies the preference shared by many for a Princess themed cake. Especially when it is combined with tiara cookies for the guests!

The other part of this order was 50 mini cupcakes. I decorated them with royal icing flowers to match the flowers on the main cake. They were dried in advance on silicone paper which makes the process of finishing the cakes quicker and also gives a more uniform appearance as it is easier to get them all the same size than icing freehand directly onto the frosting. The mini cupcakes were baked only a few hours before the party – they dry out too quickly to do them too far in advance – so having the decorations ready to go helped with getting them out the door for delivery to Islington! I really enjoyed this order – nice to do cakes, cupcakes and biscuits with a single theme all for one event!


Birthday cake.

Edible, pink number four!



cupcake decorations.

Mini cupcake flower decorations.


Mini cupcake sponge.

Mini cupcakes waiting to be frosted.


Birthday mini cupcakes.

mini cupcakes.

Baby cupcakes.

These mini cupcakes are the latest addition to The Lavender Bakery’s menu – they are so small, but just big enough for a satisfying mouthful. See pictures below for an idea of their scale – not sure if the egg looks big or the cupcake looks small?