Cake with flowers for a Christening.

Another local Christening cake and one that traveled a little further out of London. Pretty and simple with the name and flowers. Loving the recent Christening cake orders!


Large cake East Finchley

Rectangle Christening cake.





Buttercream cake.

Cake with flowers

40th birthday cake for a fan of the outdoors, a good drink and the Mini.

This is a salted caramel cake; vanilla cake with a layer of homemade salted caramel inside and folded into the buttercream. I made extra and had some on ice cream the next day! A cake for someone with varying interests, it doesn’t get more personal than this. A rugby ball, a TV, bottle of whiskey, pint of lager, dark green Mini and a tent to represent various aspects of the recipients interests. I kept the images simple and had to do a bit of juggling to make sure they all fit on the cake but was pleased with the overall effect.


40th cake with personalised decoration.

Salted caramel birthday cake.

Salted caramel 40th cake.

Dark green Mini on a cake.

Birthday cake.

Rugby and lager cake decoration.

Little Christening cake.

This cake was part of a tradition not so much observed these days with cupcake towers and sponge cakes so widely embraced for weddings; it was the top tier of a wedding cake which was saved for a Christening. The old covering was peeled away and the little fruit cake (can you tell the size is from the photos? It was small!) re covered with fresh marzipan and rolled fondant icing. White roses and blue and purple flowers complete the decoration. Did you save your wedding cake for a Christening? I’ve heard fruit cakes keep for 25 years though why you would keep one so long I couldn’t say!

Recovered Christening cake

Mini Christening cake.


Tiny Christening cake.

Fruit cake.

Anniversary cakes.


Anniversary cake

6th Anniversary cake

I guess as we are entering the season for weddings it makes sense that it is also the season for wedding Anniversaries. Both of these cakes were ordered by obviously devoted husbands! Most of my customers are women so it is nice to see some men taking care of cake arrangements. The first is a lavender cake with lavender buttercream and the second was a sponge cake with jam and vanilla buttercream.

Anniversary cake

4th Anniversary cake.

Red velvet cake with tiara.



Red icing tiara.

Sugar tiara!

Another order for a tiara cake, this time on a red velvet cake. Lately I have been enjoying the scale of double height cakes – it is possible for them to have just as much cake in them as a cake that is larger in diameter when there are lots of people to serve – so you go up instead of out to increase the quantity. This was for an 18th birthday party at the Clissold Arms for the daughter of one of my local customers in East Finchley. She wanted red, sparkles, swirls and a tiara. The cake was four layers and was filled and covered with vanilla frosting.


red velvet cake.

Bright red velvet cake batter in tins!




Birthday cake tall.

Double height cake!


Birthday cake.

Red velvet cake with red sparkly tiara.


Birthday cake tiara.

Swirly royal icing tiara.