Christening cake with biscuit party favours.

christening party favours.

Christening biscuit with hand piped flowers.

It took a lot of time and a lot of flowers to decorate the edges of these biscuits; they are essentially mini reproductions of the Christening cake! The are bright and joyful, just right to celebrate a new small person! Cake and biscuits are vanilla and the decoration is all hand piped in royal icing.


Hand decorated buttercream christening cake.

Christening cake with flowers.


Christening cakes East Finchley.



Cake with flowers for a Christening.

Another local Christening cake and one that traveled a little further out of London. Pretty and simple with the name and flowers. Loving the recent Christening cake orders!


Large cake East Finchley

Rectangle Christening cake.





Buttercream cake.

Cake with flowers

Christening cake with customer review..

Bright lemon christening cake east Finchley.

Christening cake for a baby girl.


This Christening cake was a lemon sponge cake soaked with lemon syrup and covered in Italian meringue buttercream. The colours were bright and cheerful and matched the design of the dress worn by the little girl on the day. It was tall; more than 50% higher than usual with four layers of sponge but a great way of keeping the traditional round form while ensuring it would serve 70 people! My customer was kind enough to write to me afterwards and gave me the following recommendation:


I came upon The Lavender Bakery’s website and fell in love with Michelle’s amazing piping and decoration work. We asked her to create a cake for our daughter’s christening and were absolutely delighted with the result. The cake looked gorgeous – it was a work of art. Unsurprisingly, it tasted even better! So many people commented on the sumptuous lemon sponge and buttercream and asked me where I had got it – I should have had Michelle’s cards on display!

I would wholeheartedly recommend The Lavender Bakery to anyone who is a fan of beautiful cakes that taste as divine as they look.


Rosi Arrowsmith




August Christening cakes.

I continue to contemplate why there seem to be more Christening cake orders in August. Here are a couple from last week; one with animals and swirls for the Christening of two slightly older boys and another for a little girl.

Fun christening cake children.

Monkey, elephant, giraffe and lion on a cake.

Christening cake for a girl.

Christening cake with flower border.

Little Christening cake.

This cake was part of a tradition not so much observed these days with cupcake towers and sponge cakes so widely embraced for weddings; it was the top tier of a wedding cake which was saved for a Christening. The old covering was peeled away and the little fruit cake (can you tell the size is from the photos? It was small!) re covered with fresh marzipan and rolled fondant icing. White roses and blue and purple flowers complete the decoration. Did you save your wedding cake for a Christening? I’ve heard fruit cakes keep for 25 years though why you would keep one so long I couldn’t say!

Recovered Christening cake

Mini Christening cake.


Tiny Christening cake.

Fruit cake.

Christening cake with Greek inscription.

Greek christening cake

Greek Christening cake with Spring blossoms.

This cake was huge. A double height 10″ round Christening cake for a Greek Christening. Four layers of vanilla Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. The inscription (which I practiced innumerable times on paper and with royal icing – amazing how different it is to pipe attractively in a different alphabet!) translates to something along the lines of:  May all your life be an endless Spring, our sweetheart. I used Spring blossoms as the inspiration for the decoration to reflect the words of the inscription.

My local Grocers (Tony’s in East Finchley who are wonderful!) said that the English translation doesn’t begin to express the beauty of the words in Greek!

Victoria sponge and buttercream Christening cake

Detail of Spring flowers to compliment the sweet inscription!