Cake with flowers for a Christening.

Another local Christening cake and one that traveled a little further out of London. Pretty and simple with the name and flowers. Loving the recent Christening cake orders!


Large cake East Finchley

Rectangle Christening cake.





Buttercream cake.

Cake with flowers

Under the sea birthday cake and my top ten baking tips.

Birthday cake.

Fish and bubbles on a 4th birthday cake.

This is one of those birthday cakes that ends up being greater than the sum of its parts. A few simple royal icing fish and sea creatures, some bubbles and seaweed in pretty colours (prepared in advance and allowed to dry) and I was really pleased with how it turned out – as was the birthday girl! Sometimes it is the simple ideas that work the best, the cake is colourful and bright and perfect for a 4th birthday party! Also, don’t you love the birthday girl’s name! Vanilla cake with strawberry jam and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.


Children's sea themed birthday cake.

Octopus on a birthday cake!


Birthday cake.

Under the sea cake.


Also, I have recently started blogging here about food and baking for the most part but with a slightly wider scope than this blog which is obviously focused on cakes and recording the different orders created by the Lavender Bakery. It’s fairly new but I thought those of you who are fond enough of cakes to look at this blog may enjoy this post on my top baking tips. Hope it helps with your cakes and biscuits, happy baking!