Racing car and dinosaurs.

Royal icing racing car decoration

Red racing car.

A couple of boys birthday cakes made recently for East Finchley locals. The racing car cake wass for a lovely boy who claims I am the best cake maker in the world! He wanted chocolate cake and a racing car for his birthday cake and got both! The dinosaur cake was gluten free chocolate sponge. I replaced the flour with Dove’s Farm gluten free flour and it worked very well. It was slightly crumbly – the gluten in ordinary flour has more of a binding effect – but the taste and texture was not impaired so I would recommend it for those baking for the gluten free.

Dinosaur birthday cake

Dinosaurs and dragonflies.

Pirates and flowers party cakes.

I love orders that have several opportunities to work a theme into the decoration. This order was for a joint sibling birthday and by using bright colours for all parts of the order it was possible to have two distinctly individual cakes which were complimented by the party favour biscuits and the cupcakes. The birthday cakes were raspberry and chocolate cakes – both covered in vanilla buttercream. The cupcakes were lemon and the biscuits, gingerbread.


boys birthday cake

Pirate themed decoration.


Pretty border birthday cake.

Flowers and butterflies.


Pirate ship cookies.

Pirate ship party favour biscuits.


Flower cookie favour.

Flower gingerbread party biscuit.


Skull cross bones cupcakes.Birthday party themed cupcakes.

Pirate and flower cupcakes.


sibling themed party cakes.

Joint birthday party cakes.

August Christening cakes.

I continue to contemplate why there seem to be more Christening cake orders in August. Here are a couple from last week; one with animals and swirls for the Christening of two slightly older boys and another for a little girl.

Fun christening cake children.

Monkey, elephant, giraffe and lion on a cake.

Christening cake for a girl.

Christening cake with flower border.

40th birthday cake for a fan of the outdoors, a good drink and the Mini.

This is a salted caramel cake; vanilla cake with a layer of homemade salted caramel inside and folded into the buttercream. I made extra and had some on ice cream the next day! A cake for someone with varying interests, it doesn’t get more personal than this. A rugby ball, a TV, bottle of whiskey, pint of lager, dark green Mini and a tent to represent various aspects of the recipients interests. I kept the images simple and had to do a bit of juggling to make sure they all fit on the cake but was pleased with the overall effect.


40th cake with personalised decoration.

Salted caramel birthday cake.

Salted caramel 40th cake.

Dark green Mini on a cake.

Birthday cake.

Rugby and lager cake decoration.

Sunflowers and Lavender.

I hadn’t attempted sunflowers in royal icing before; I’m not quite sure how I have managed to avoid it. I think they would look fabulous on mini cupcakes as well. The Sunflower cake was a lavender cake with a touch of lemon and the cake below was another rendition of the popular Spring cake for a 40th birthday.

lavender cake.

Sunflowers and lavender.


Birthday cake with flowers.

Garden cake.

Video games and cake decorating.

Are they still called video games? Every time I get an order for these types of design I turn to Google images and double check with my customer to make sure I have identified the right ones. I have no frame of reference for such things but get the impression they are hugely popular amongst boys under ten. I also have a feeling that Sonic and Minecraft will become familiar to me beyond images on cakes in a few short years as my boys get a little older…

TNT Minecraft cake for Louis and Sonic Hedgehog cake for George; both chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream.

Birthday cake.

Minecraft cake.


birthday cake.

Sonic cake.

Superhero birthday cakes featuring Ironman and Spiderman!

These cakes were for a joint Superhero birthday party. Alex and Apollinaire chose their favourite superhero from the selection on their party invitation and I duly iced them onto their respective cakes though Spiderman and Ironman looked cute rather than scary on this occasion! Mini cupcakes with superhero masks and details from the invitation completed the order. The cakes were vanilla sponge with jam and apparently they went down very well.

square birthday cake.

4th birthday cake


4th birthday cake.

Spiderman cake.


Cupcakes with masks.

Superhero mini cupcakes.

Jungle animals cake.

I’ve been doing a few cakes of late with free hand decoration providing the background and representing a theme. Sleeping Beauty, Under the sea and this Jungle cake amongst them. The lion, elephant and monkey peep out from amongst the leaves and vines to make a fun and pretty cake for a 6th birthday party!


Animals birthday cake.

Birthday cake with jungle theme.

Cakes decorated with fresh, edible flowers; available to order now.

I’m as fond of brightly decorated cakes as anybody but I have always felt that the more natural the cake the better. Fantastic ingredients and cakes covered with delicious and beautiful Italian meringue buttercream  have always been the signature offering at The Lavender Bakery. I happily put colouring in the piped decoration – it can be removed easily before eating – and occasionally in the cake or frosting by request (hello Red Velvet cake lovers!) but I just love the idea of nothing but natural, fresh ingredients in a cake and these edible flowers make beautiful cakes that are perfect for a special birthday, a tea party or a summer wedding. They can be ordered in an array of bright colours or in a single colour of your choice. The price will depend on the exact design but do get in touch to discuss your ideas and requirements. A combination of flowers and fruit would be wonderful too!


Natural cake.

Cake with lavender and cornflowers.


All natural cake.

Cake decorated with real flowers.