The Lavender Bakery was started in early 2008 to provide handmade and individual cakes for celebrations large and small throughout London. It was not at all easy at the time to find cakes baked with the ingredients you would choose in a home kitchen; French butter, organic free range eggs, fair trade sugar and the best quality chocolate, fruit, vanilla and jam available. Our cake covering of choice is Italian meringue buttercream which is a not too sweet, creamy and delicious alternative to the sugar paste covered cakes that are all too common in bakeries and supermarkets.

Starting out in Islington, N1 the Lavender Bakery now calls East Finchley, N2 home and we deliver across London with our wonderful green courier service. We offer a bespoke, personal service and your cake, cupcakes or biscuits will be both delicious and beautiful.

Michelle Eshkeri


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  1. hi I came across you by chance, I am desperate to make chollah like Daniels in Temple Fortune, is the recipe you have on your blog, the closest or have you improved it (no pun intended). Would love to hear from you. Thanks Michele


    • Hi Michele.

      Thanks for your comment. I attempt to improve (!) my challah constantly and am always trying new things so I can say the recipe on the blog works and is good but there are lots you could try! The recipes I link to in the post are also worth a look: https://lavendercooks.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/challah-recipe-sourdough-fresh-yeast-and-time/

      I think homemade challah is different to (and better than) Daniel’s challah, especially as at home you can use good quality ingredients. I’d keep trying different recipes until you find one that suits your taste, some people like it sweeter, with more or less egg etc and then practice it for a few weeks until you get it right. Bakeries use a lot of yeast and dough improvers and conditioners to speed up the process (I can’t say if Daniel’s does and wouldn’t like to speculate) and so that very fluffy texture of bakery challah is not necessarily one that can be recreated exactly at home. Good challah can be made at home though, absolutely!! Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipe is great, as is the ‘My challah’ recipe by Maggie Glezer (you can find it online easily) Her book, a Blessing of Bread is wonderful and has recipes for every taste – I made a sweet challah from it last week that was very light and delicious. Good luck!! Michelle


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