Margot Bakery.


When I started the lavender bakery in 2008, the plan was to move into a retail bakery at some stage. Two children later and the moment has arrived; I hope it will be all the better for what I have learned in the interim from baking cakes for so many celebrations. Some of my customers have been with me from the beginning and I hope to continue to bake birthday cakes and wedding cakes as well as bread and other wonderful things for you all. Thank you to all the customers who have made the Lavender bakery a success and a pleasure. I hope you will enjoy Margot Bakery just as much if not more – you can come and have a coffee, buy some bread or babka and order cakes to be delivered throughout London as before.


The bakery is in East Finchley, N2 in the old post office. There will be a small seating area and a view through to the ovens. The plan is to bake delicious, nutritious and well fermented bread daily in the bakery and to offer the opportunity to come and learn to bake or just have a chat about bread and good food and the local community with the staff.


I felt that a new bakery needed a new name; Margot is named for my Grandmother and my husband’s Grandmother and is inspired by beautiful French patisserie.


Please come and visit, I look forward to the chance to meet some customers in person for the first time and I’m so excited to have the space to welcome you and bake for you.




Margot Bakery opening early 2016

121 East End Road

East Finchley

N2 0SZ



Love birds & edible flowers wedding cake.

edible flowers wedding cake.

Beautiful flowers.

This wedding cake was a great pleasure to make. It was for a large wedding so in addition to the tiered lemon cake covered with Italian meringue buttercream there were three, 10″ square cakes in lavender and chocolate for cutting that weren’t on display. The wedding was at the Honourable artillery company near Old Street in London which is a stunning venue.

There is a wonderful post on the fantastic Jewish wedding blog Smashing the Glass written by the bride with all the details of the wedding and the effort and care that went into the planning. The video at the end is especially wonderful! Read it here. There are some professional photos of the cake too which are rather lovely!

wedding cake with edible flowers.


The beautiful roses were supplied (along with some flower wrapping and arranging expertise) by Kenza of Peppermint Poppy who did the wonderful flowers for the day, the additional flowers were edible and came from Greens of Devon. The birds were bright and sweet and finished off the very natural cake perfectly.

natural buttercream wedding cake London.

Tiered wedding cake.

Joint First Birthday Cake (for eight!)

1st birthday cake rainbow colours.

Eight names!


This was a lovely order; bright colours and a simple, joyful design for a group of babies celebrating their first birthdays at one (I imagine quite chaotic!) party. Salted caramel cake with salted caramel filling and buttercream and all eight names piped around the top of the cake. I was pleased it was an even number of names as spacing is always tricky for decoration like this on a round cake – being able to divide the cake into eight even segments helped very much! The dots are simple and effective in rainbow colours and the result is a happy, fun cake!



first birthday cake joint party.

Bright birthday cake.

Christening cake with biscuit party favours.

christening party favours.

Christening biscuit with hand piped flowers.

It took a lot of time and a lot of flowers to decorate the edges of these biscuits; they are essentially mini reproductions of the Christening cake! The are bright and joyful, just right to celebrate a new small person! Cake and biscuits are vanilla and the decoration is all hand piped in royal icing.


Hand decorated buttercream christening cake.

Christening cake with flowers.


Christening cakes East Finchley.



Valentine’s birthday (heart shaped) cake.

I imagine if you have a birthday that falls on or around Valentine’s day you probably end up with roses or heart shaped gifts quite frequently! This chocolate cake was for a very sweet four year old and I enjoyed the opportunity to get the heart shaped cake tins out! The chocolate Italian meringue buttercream is always nice to work with – it is easy to get a lovely, smooth finish and the resulting cake was pretty and perfect for a birthday in mid February!

Valentine's Day birthday cake.

Heart shaped chocolate cake.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory birthday cake.

I was pleased to make this Charlie and the Chocolate factory cake for two reasons. The first being that I have been making cakes for Amara and her family since she was a baby and I can’t believe she is 6 and old enough to enjoy the delights of Charlie and the Chocolate factory! The second is that I’m a fan myself; I remember having it read to me at school when I was about the same age (and reading it myself numerous times since then) and adoring everything about it – I can’t wait to read it to my boys.

The Golden ticket on the cake is edible – it is made with royal icing and painted with edible gold paint. I don’t buy Smarties (Nestlé is evil) so these sweets came from M & S and actually I prefer them – the muted colours were pretty without being too bright and flourescent! It is a chocolate cake covered in vanilla Italian meringue buttercream and the matching mini cupcakes were vanilla with swirls and not-Smarties!


Sweets on birthday cake

6th Birthday cake


charlie and the chocolate factory cake, sweets and golden ticket

Golden ticket cake!


lavender bakery cupcakes

Mini cupcakes with sweets and swirls.

Cake with flowers for a Christening.

Another local Christening cake and one that traveled a little further out of London. Pretty and simple with the name and flowers. Loving the recent Christening cake orders!


Large cake East Finchley

Rectangle Christening cake.





Buttercream cake.

Cake with flowers

Christening cake with customer review..

Bright lemon christening cake east Finchley.

Christening cake for a baby girl.


This Christening cake was a lemon sponge cake soaked with lemon syrup and covered in Italian meringue buttercream. The colours were bright and cheerful and matched the design of the dress worn by the little girl on the day. It was tall; more than 50% higher than usual with four layers of sponge but a great way of keeping the traditional round form while ensuring it would serve 70 people! My customer was kind enough to write to me afterwards and gave me the following recommendation:


I came upon The Lavender Bakery’s website and fell in love with Michelle’s amazing piping and decoration work. We asked her to create a cake for our daughter’s christening and were absolutely delighted with the result. The cake looked gorgeous – it was a work of art. Unsurprisingly, it tasted even better! So many people commented on the sumptuous lemon sponge and buttercream and asked me where I had got it – I should have had Michelle’s cards on display!

I would wholeheartedly recommend The Lavender Bakery to anyone who is a fan of beautiful cakes that taste as divine as they look.


Rosi Arrowsmith




Purple 30th Birthday Cake.

Birthday cake London.

Purple 30th birthday cake.


A 10″square lavender birthday cake for a 30th birthday party at a pub in central London. The large number 30 on the cake and the stars are made from royal icing and the colour was my best attempt at matching the colour of the dress worn by the birthday girl!


Stars on cake

Purple stars!



Tahini meringues and sourdough challah.

challah east finchley

Sourdough challah

A bit of test baking this week; I’m working on some recipes which should be available on the Lavender Cooks blog soon. I am making sourdough challah for Rosh Hashanah this year; with swirls of grated apple, tahini and honey, it is a full flavoured bread which keeps well and isn’t overly sweet. It has taken a long while to get sourdough challah to work so I’m very excited about it. They are available to order and not just for the holidays, do get in touch if you need a very special challah; it can be collected from East Finchley by arrangement.

The meringues below are baked Italian meringues, they are small and delicious. I made two versions today; one with dark chocolate, honey and tahini and plain tahini ones. I am now having visions of an amazing tahini pavlova with honey whipped cream and chocolate ganache… Meringues also available to order, email for more information.

Tahini mini meringues

Italian meringues.