Christening cake with Greek inscription.

Greek christening cake

Greek Christening cake with Spring blossoms.

This cake was huge. A double height 10″ round Christening cake for a Greek Christening. Four layers of vanilla Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. The inscription (which I practiced innumerable times on paper and with royal icing – amazing how different it is to pipe attractively in a different alphabet!) translates to something along the lines of:  May all your life be an endless Spring, our sweetheart. I used Spring blossoms as the inspiration for the decoration to reflect the words of the inscription.

My local Grocers (Tony’s in East Finchley who are wonderful!) said that the English translation doesn’t begin to express the beauty of the words in Greek!

Victoria sponge and buttercream Christening cake

Detail of Spring flowers to compliment the sweet inscription!

Sleeping Beauty in the Woods cake.

Sleeping beauty in the woods cake.

Square cake with princess crown on the front.


A cake with a princess crown and forest inspired decoration for a three year old. Square chocolate birthday cake with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream and banana cupcakes with vanilla frosting.


Cupcakes with flowers.

Banana cupcakes with vanilla frosting.


I love making banana bread (Nigella’s recipe from Domestic Goddess is my long standing favourite) for its comforting homely quality and I didn’t think it got much better than that so it was a revelation to add banana to a butter cake (Creamed butter and sugar, then add beaten eggs then mashed banana followed by plain flour with baking powder). The crumb is soft and the banana flavour is subtle but clear and uninterrupted by fruit or nuts and the like. It keeps well and is fantastic with vanilla frosting. Further details for ordering are here. It can be made as a cake or cupcakes.


Square birthday cake, chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Third birthday cake for a Sleeping Beauty in the Woods party.

Darth Vader birthday cake.

This was a fun birthday cake to make and not so difficult as I ordered a special Darth Vader cake tin to get the face shape just right. Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and then black sugar paste covering for that metallic, dark finish. While I was smoothing it on, I felt for all the world that I was giving Darth a facial or a head massage; very disconcerting. Made for a 6 year old with wide ranging interests, I love her style! My husband now wants one for Father’s  Day.


Birthday cake Darth Vader head.

Darth Vader birthday cake.

Valentine’s day: Fondant fancies and salted caramel biscuits.


lemon lavender fondant fancies

Sweets for my sweet. Fondant fancies for Valentine’s day.

There is still time to order for Valentine’s day this year. Fondant fancies are available in lemon and lavender or vanilla. They are soft squares of sponge cake, soaked in syrup and dipped in fondant for a smooth finish. Available in whichever colour your Valentine likes best and as always they are decorated to order so feel free to have them convey your own words of affection! Nothing nicer than to say it with cake (particularly marriage proposals, which are especially good on cake!). Or we can send out a box of this years signature design, see images below. 9 for £20.

hand decorated fondant fancies.

Fondant fancy designs.


Bespoke fondant fancies London.

London fashion week inspired fondant fancies.


salted caramel valentine heart cookies.

Sandwich biscuits with salted caramel filling.


Salted caramel heart biscuits are delicious and buttery shortbread 6″ in diameter sandwiched together with homemade caramel. A little Maldon salt helps keep the sweetness in check and there are plenty to share. And really very good with vanilla ice cream if you need a pudding for your Valentine’s dinner at home. Box of 3 for £12.50.

Orders can be picked up Thursday and Friday from East Finchley, N2 or delivered across London. Call or email to place your order / 07507 863502


salted caramel Valentine's gift.

Delicious salted caramel filled cookies for someone special!


Bespoke cake design, London.



70th cake.

Lemon cake with lemon Italian meringue buttercream for a 70th birthday. Balloons round the sides and a pretty pastel colour scheme. I love it when my customers have a clear concept for their cake design, especially when it turns out as lovely as this.


balloon cake.

Pretty pastel 70th cake.



70th birthday cake.

balloons made from royal icing.




Gingerbread house bakery.

Gingerbread house bakery.

This gingerbread bakery is the kind of project I like best. It was the first time I had designed an entire structure myself but the most enjoyable part was sculpting the tiny cakes and loaves of bread for the inside. … Continue reading